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Orca wetsuit Equip Men


Orca wetsuit Equip M MT
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Orca wetsuit Equip M 7
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Orca wetsuit Equip M 9
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Orca wetsuit Equip M 10
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Orca wetsuit Equip Men

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Natuurlijke zwemmer

The use of the different technologies provides more flexibility, maintaining a constant buoyancy. Designed for Natural Swimmers, the result is an unmatched sense of freedom.
The 1.5 mm Yamamoto 39 material in the arms provides the flexibility of high-end wetsuits.
The Infinity Skin inner lining is gentle on your skin without squeezing your neck area.
SCS panels will minimize the wetsuit's resistance in the water so that you glide through the water better while swimming.
Hydrolite panels allow the wetsuit to slip off more easily during transitions.
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