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-Casco helmets
-Powerbar Hydro gel
-MPC wheels
-Rollerblade GTM
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-Zandstra schoes
-Craft bike outfit
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-Jan van der Hoorn
youth inline skatecompetition

Special offer April

Agu Secco shirt short sleeve
get 2 = pay 1!
2 shirts for only € 30,50

agu Secco shirt short sleeve

De Agu Secco underwearThe Agu Secco undergarments uses the DNA Triple function system.
This system consists of three elements:

  • Dry, the sweat is rapidly absorbed and transported to the next textile layer so the skin stays dry.
  • Newfit, a perfect, tight fit by an extended back and the use of comfortable, elastic materials.
  • Air, the undergarments exists partly of s.Café polyester made from recycled coffee remnant. Coffee molecules are known for their moisture- and odour-absorbing.

New in the webshop

Casco helmets

Helmets of Casco suitable for ice skating, inline skating and cycling.
The marathonteam van Team Haven Amsterdam use them during the training sessions and competitions of the marathon.

Casco Speedairo Casco Speedairo
Casco Speedster Adaptive aerodynamic one of many edges at the back offers depending on the position of the head the best aerodynamics. CASCO-loc for quick, one-handed opening clip and super easy setting Closed sides closed sides for a smooth flow of air into the Interior and the exterior of the helmet (improved fragmentation and prevents turbulence) Flip up SPEEDmask - creates a full panorama sight(optical class 1) - patented folding mechanism
excluding visor € 108,-
including visor € 153,-
Casco Speedster


This season the Luigino inline skating shoes. one of the few < br/> skate shoes that are good moldable!!

Strut Challenge
Shoes + frames € 305,- Shoes € 325,-

Powerbar Hydro gel

Cherry € 2,45 Orange

MPC wheels

MPC Black Magic MPC Roadwar Evolution
MPC skeelerwiel Black Magic MPC skeelerwiel Evolution
Prices for each wheelsize:
90mm: € 11,50
100mm: € 17,50
110mm: € 18,-

The MPC BlackMagic is simply MPC’s best formulation ever, which offers excellent grip, roll and wear characteristics as proven at the World Championships and beyond.

With a zero-tolerance for defects and a demand for excellence, you can rely on MPC BlackMagic for very consistent performance, no matter where you race next.

Roll X-FIRM when race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.

Specs Durability: good for a marathon Best Grip: in all conditions Hardness: 85A/60A (medium) Wheel Rebound: high stability Roll: consistent fast Application: Allround outdoor

The MPC RoadWar Evolution is equal to the Black Magic but with the softer and more flexible orange hub.

Roll X-FIRM when race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.

Specs Durability: good for a marathon Best Grip: in all conditions Hardness: 85A/60A (medium) Wheel Rebound: snappy response Roll: consistent fast Application: Track specific

Rollerblade Powerblade GTM

Rollerblade Powerblade GTM skates

New! The Rollerblade Powerblade GTM:
The connection of the frame in the middle of the shoe in instead of 2 fixing points at front and heel, this gives a natural movement in stride and is ideal for a serious training, competition or tour. Effect:

Price: € 405,-

Frame: New GT 4x100, 12.8” (325mm) with racing axles (brake in the box)

Bearings: HTO PRO

  • extra speed
  • carving
  • control
  • support

Special offer

Zandstra shoes

Zandstra 1144 Zandstra 1122
From € 155,-
for only € 110,-
From € 208,-
for only € 175,-

Craft bike outfit

Special offer from Craft!

Craft cycling Active Jersey SMU & Craft Active bike bib short SMU

instead of € 135,-
For only € 105,-*

The € 30,- will be refunded after the payment is completed

Other news

Jan van der Hoorn
youth inline skatecompetition

The Jan van der Hoorn Youth inline skate competition (former LKZL-youth inline skating competition) has been set up for the youth for the inline-skate sport .

youth from 8 to 18 years old can participate in the games.

the races are driven in age categories: pupils to junior A (8-18 years).

all the inline skaters can take part to the contests: you don't need to be an experienced racer. Because the matches are intended to stimulate the inline skate sports, you don't need to buy a KNSB-inline-skate licence. Just come, subscribe and speed skating!

Every skater is welcome