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At the end of November FlevOnice has opened the doors again, that is why this month when you purchase a pair of Salomon Cross country ice-skates or Viking Cruisers(regardless of model) you receive a free ticket for Flevonice!
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Receive a free ticket for Flevonice!

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After the successful launch of ‘the Wiperboard' MenM-iceskate comes again with an innovative product on the market: the Competition Carbon.

The profile of the skate which is normally made of aluminum is now composed of carbon. The weight of the 'bare carbon skate "is 25% less than the "normal" Competition (which was the lightest of its kind.) Lighter and therefore faster.

However, the main advantage of these carbon skate is its shape. From the middle of the skate profile runs toward the rear up so that the heel of the shoe Salomon fits perfectly on the binding! This ensures that one has a much more stable skate feeling! 'Keeping busy' on skates is easier. Both the better and the less good skaters experienced this during the tests as skating with more pressure and more grip!

The skate also has the PM hard steel.