Een moment geduld aub.

At the end of November FlevOnice has opened the doors again, that is why this month when you purchase a pair of Salomon Cross country ice-skates or Viking Cruisers(regardless of model) you receive a free ticket for Flevonice!
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€ 15,-
Receive a free ticket for Flevonice!

New in the webshop

  • Reduces risk of falling on natural ice!
  • Only suitable for Viking Nagano blades
  • Stable skating posture
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Secure feeling for the older skaters
  • Easy installation
  • Hex tool bolts size equal to Viking bolts

  • Aluminium sharpening table
  • Cnc flattened plates
  • Includes height spacer
  • Suitable for bended blades

Any skater can’t live without. There are various designs:

  • Nearly all short track speed skaters have a fixed strap in their bag (without elastic)
  • And there is the elastic belt with more options

It's a great way to do training turns as well on dry land and on the ice. Also great as a warm up before a workout or competition to put some strain on the legs which is always difficult to do on a sometimes crowded track. The secret of those turns is in two elements: deep down and hang with your weight into the turn. Both require a lot of practice. Deep down roughly means that the bottom of your thigh is parallel to the ice. A tool for the practice of hanging in the corner is the corner belt training. More info on: Technique cornerbelt(dutch)

With this elastic with six loops, you can also have the power to choose a bit by using a loop less, or two less for youth. The advantage of this is that the distance between the buddy and the athlete becomes longer, and thus the exercise also can build up longer. You can also exercise start strength and coordination in the harness and the buddy skate or walks slowly behind , which increases the resistance. Don't go to extreme with a skating start right away because the elastic should be getting shorter and not everyone can skate backwards after a start.