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Special offers
-Helmet + glasses
-Maple skates
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-Casco visor

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Agu maandaanbieding
When you return your old cycling shorts, you'll get a discount of € 20,- on a Agu Pro elite cycling short!

Special offers

Helmet + glasses

When you buy a Agu Trabuco or Tesero helmet, you'll receive a pair of Agu sportglasses Foss or Misaki for free!

The Maple skates are lowered in price by 20%! Check the webshop if your size is stil available. Price is incl. frames

New in the webshop

Sports in various or changing circumstances? For this the Vautron visor is ideal. The visor changes the colour automatically, so the visor is lighter when sporting in a dark environment and turns the visor darker when sporting in a brighter environment. This special Speedmasks for Speedairo and Speedster are also available separately. This specially developed Speedmasks for ice skating are anti-fog and so this gives a good view while skating.

Because the visor adjusts to the light of the environment this visor is the optimal visor for all circumstance. This ensures that the user only needs one visor and never has the dilemma what visor should be used.