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As the days get shorter again and we still have to skate this months special is: when purchasing a pair of inline-skates a Bee Seen bulb for free!

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Marchese ice-skate helmet

The KNSB has made the use of helmets compulsory for marathon skaters. Skate helmets were already being used increasingly in skating on the Weissensee and in the mass-start, but will be commonplace by these rule changes in skating.

Because Marchese has been following the development for several years, they have since the 2015-2016 season, the first skate helmet collection. The Marchese helmet has been successfully tested by a group of marathon skaters, both the A-, B- and women category. Among other Bart Mol, Fabio Francolini, Remco Schouten, Mariska Huisman, Francesca Lollobrigida and Lisa van der Geest wore the helmet previous winters already.

The Marchese helmet is an officially approved helmet by the ISU. According to the rules, the helmet should follow the shape of the head and there should be no protrusions on the helmet. It should also be met for a short track helmets established impact test. Almost all bicycle helmets are therefore unsuitable for the marathon skating, including most helmets already used at the ice rink last season.

The Marchese helmet is specially designed for marathon skating:

  • The helmet is ventilated, without that there are unsafe ventilation holes in the helmet. The helmet is therefore also ideal for short track
  • The holes can sealed with an aero shield, otherwise for extreme cold conditions
  • The back of the Marchese helmet is adjusted so that it remains in position on the head in the specific skating posture
  • Optional a visor available in two configurations: Clear and Smoke
  • the helmet comes in one size M/L and one color: matt/gloss black

The Allmount undercarriage grows with your feet. Middle parts are adjustable, allowing them to grow with and bigger size shoe, but also fit under inline-skate- or short track boots. For those who want to combine the undercarriage with a short track shoe: higher middle parts are available for this.
14.5”: 23-35
15.5”: 36-39
16.5”: 40-42

Luigino's Tempo shoe 360 is a more luxurious class compared to the 180 Tempo shoe. Therefore has the same comfortable anatomical upper for perfect control. And can also be heat moulded through the Aqua-molding technology or vacuuming. The Luigino's Barefoot Technology ensures the proper fit for the bare foot and the right feeling on the ice.