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Better weather is coming! That's why this monthly special you'll receive a free Agu secco shirt when buying a cycling shirt!*
*Does not apply to bicycle Shirts that are already for sale/while stocks last

New in the webshop

Cado Motus Rookie Jr 2

The reboot of the Rookie Jr2 features a fit that’s snug around the ankle for more stability, with higher cuffs that increase support for developing muscles, with a softer collar that eliminates the blisters and abrasions that are the number one reason a lot of kids abandon the sport. This advancement alone is worth your time! Our new scuff guard around the toe-box and new carbon composite layup will help ensure and even longer active lifetime and resale value with the boot, so that the skates can be passed along once your skater has outgrown them.

Cado Motus Sr2 Versatile

Equipped with the CadoMotus Competition Transformer frame, you’ll learn technique with it, train on it, and push yourself to speeds you never dreamed possible. We used to think this would be a frame you’d outgrow, and for beginners going from our 4 x 100mm / 3 x 110mm set up, there will be a graduation, but for those more seasoned or bigger athletes going from 4 x 110mm to 3 x 125mm, the 13.2 Comp TR is a frame you can skate on for years to come.

Not only will this frame serve you on the course, but it’s the right fit when the pace isn’t quite as fast. The difference between race ready size, purpose-driven practice or pleasure skate configurations are just a few quick turns of a hex-wrench away. Go from 3x125 to 4x110 or 4x100 in the blink of an eye, to keep the right pace with the right group or the right training goal. It’s truly a frame for all skating opportunities that helps you create the right experience every time. We keep it simple. Like all of our Transformer skate packages, there’s a very purposeful intention behind each stride you’ll take: Slow to flow: You start on 4 x 110mm set-up, developing critical skills, form and strength Flow to speed: As muscle memory and strength develop on the longer 13.2 Comp TR frame, you transition to a 3 x 125mm configuration and the pace intensifies

Cado Motus Skate Backpack Waterflow

The 2016 Waterflow Backpack represents the best of everything you expect from Cádomotus – Function, Quality, Durability and Style. Made from water-repellent tarpaulin, it’s light and strong, made to be the bag that holds a career-full of memories. It’s designed with comfort in mind, from the padded, double-stuffed shoulder straps to the back-supporting airflow rack. The Waterflow backpack is easy to wear, even when it’s loaded to the hilt and needs to be carried further than from the bus to the bench.

  • Gear stays dry with high-quality, tough and water resistant truck-tarpaulin
  • Industrial grade nylon straps and clips keep everything stowed in its place
  • Side mount boot stirrups and heavy duty straps & buckles keep your skate set-up secure
  • The adjustable helmet pouch has nylon mesh side panels to allow for quick & easy post-race drying
  • Many different pockets and clips for tools, bearings, wallets, keys, documents and medals
  • Ergonomic wrap-around support belt relieves stress on the shoulders and back when worn
  • Zippers and clips that won’t stick or strip, maintain their function for life
  • Compact design perfect for airline overhead stowage compartments 2016 color palette: Black & Grey with the flashy Cádomotus Cyan Blue, Electric Pink or Glacier White

Fila Cool sleeveless

This undershirt by Fila is a sleeveless sweat shirt. It keeps your body even more cool, fresh and dry in warm conditions. The material is soft, so it feels comfortable on your skin. The shirt has a Slimfit fit.
Women Men

Forte Cool sleeveless Fila
€ 36,-
Forte Cool sleeveless Fila

Fila Cool korte mouw

This Fila underwear has short sleeves and is ideally suited as under shirt to wear in warm conditions or wear like a regular sports shirt while exercising. The undershirt keeps your body dry, cool and fresh during exercise in warm conditions. The material is soft so it feels good on your skin. The shirt has a comfortable fit.
Women Men

Forte Cool short sleeve Fila
€ 40,-
Forte Cool short sleeve Fila