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Monthly special februari

This month when buying a winterjacket from Agu, Craft, Loffler, Rogelli or Nalini you'll receive a free Craft active Extreme shirt short/long sleeve!

Winterjackets Craft Active extreme
from € 59,- from € 33,-
Winterjackets Craft Active extreme

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MapleZ LT MV-2

-1.75% toe lift to increase stability during corner entries and exits
-Full standard last re-design
-Good heat mouldable around heel
-Dual-Laminate uni-body carbon shell
-Thermo-Z construction ideal for achieving “the perfect fit” - 100%
-Maple-Z FX (Flex technology) reinforcement layup
-Low profile forefoot support counter
-Orthopedic grade cushioning system
-High impact epoxy laminating system
-Ballistic nylon supported closure system
-Improved in-step fastening system
-Aerodynamic 4-way stretch rubber laminated knit upper
-Heavy-duty / water resistant coil zipper coupled with secure locking tab
MapleZ LT MV-2

Cado Motus Omega ice skating helmet

The Cádomotus Omega helmet is setting new standards for aerodynamics, ventilation and impact protection in high performance helmets. Built on a strict safety core of breathability and uncompromised strength, the Omega accepts the burdens of climate control and trauma absorption, keeping you cool and safe when things heat up! Our exclusive manufacturing process creates a single-shell, born of a process that integrates honeycomb-like structures into a production mold of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) to forge a monocoque unlike anything else in the market. This exclusive in-mold hybrid of a lightweight structural core and EPS allows for more vents without sacrificing the high protection requirements of a speedskating helmet. This patented technology exclusively licensed to Cádomotus. The Omega’s aero-design optimizes the benefit you gain in a slipstream, and allows you to drop the line with the least resistance you’ve ever felt. Cheat the wind with ease, keeping cool with constant air flow over your head. This Dutch-made helmet passes all ASTM and CE standards for ice speedskating and road sports. A true cross-over helmet that will help you shave precious seconds off the clock, no matter which discipline your passion pursues.
Cado Motus Omega ice skating helmet