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Wil je een inline skate met een door jou gekozen frame? Een lichtgewicht frame of een met een bepaalde stijfheid. Wil je perse drie wielen of juist de combinatie van drie en vier wielen? Wij adviseren je graag in onze winkel.

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Cado Motus frame Comp TR 4x110/3x125 13,2"
Cado Motus frame Comp TR 4x110/3x125 13,2"
Cado Motus frame Comp TR 4x110/3x125 13,2"

Cado Motus frame Comp TR 4x110/3x125 13,2"

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Comp TR: Multi-frame utility you can build on...
Beginners come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. The CadoMotus Competition Transformer is a frame to learn with, train on and eventually grow with and out of. Built on a lightweight platform that shares many of the same design improvements and characteristics of the newly innovated DualBox5 frame, skaters can, with the 12.4 or 12.8" frame, choose from a 3 x 110mm or more standard 4 x 100mm wheel configuration to comprehend the benefits each set up has to offer. For those more seasoned or bigger athletes going from 4 x 110mm to 3 x 125mm, the 13.2" frame you can skate on for years to come. The multi-frame utility of the Comp TR make it the cost-effective choice that doesn't sacrifice quality, function or performance.
When you're new to the sport, everything you can learn quickly through experience will pay long-term dividends, and this is a frame especially designed to ramp up your learning curve to get you to the next level quicker than any other frame technology on the market today.
Building an early understanding of how wheel size, deck height and weight influence your ability to push, manoeuvre and control gives you an inside-track to what other skaters have taken literally years to understand - the first-hand effects of physics on form and performance. You'll get to the next level than the rest of the pack did by comprehending these important lessons yourself - with just one frame - and find your best configuration and form quicker than any of them did on their own. The Comp TR is a frame that will help you move through a foundational regimen with the right support, response and flexibility you need as you quickly build your skill, speed and stamina.
The 4 x 100mm wheel set-up is ideal to build leg strength and form, keeping you low on the deck so you can build a feel for proper body alignment, angles and weight transfer. As your strength and skills grow, it's time to step up to a larger, 3 x 110mm wheel set-up, which provides you with more roll-per-stride and also reduces the weight you lift with each stride. In fact, a 3 x 110mm wheel set-up saves you 10% in lift weight compared to the 4 wheel set-up they started out on. But what's really important at this stage is that you'll begin developing the "fast-feet" feather step that's so important to top speed achievement, and you'll have built the core-strength and skill you need to move on to a 4 x 110mm platform, and be ready for it!
There is a very purposeful simplicity built into this frame, best described trough this progression:
  • Slow to flow: You start on 4 x 100mm or 4x110 set-up, developing critical skills, form and strength
  • Flow to speed: As muscle memory and strength develop, you transition to 3 x 110mm or 3x125mm configuration and the pace intensifies
  • Speed to power: Mastery of command & control allow you to focus on optimal form, skating on a solid power-base
  • Power to podium: The realm of Champions awaits!

The scientific method puts you in control of active intelligence gathering, and the Competition Transformer is your tool to completing your study quicker than you thought possible, helping you skate better and faster, quicker than anything else on the market today.

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